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A Guide To Insurance for Mobile Homes in Manitoba

July 14, 2021
Updated: August 8, 2022


Mobile homes are as unique as the lifestyles they allow. Mobile home insurance policies understand and leave space for that by making coverage customizable and unique! They flex and bend to accommodate all kinds of families, plans, and situations.

Because mobile home insurance is so non-traditional, it can vary dramatically based on factors like the make and age of your mobile home and the place you live or are stationed. (What applies to someone who owns an airstream in Arizona may not apply to someone with a tent-trailer at Lilac Resort!) So today’s blog post outlines the specific information Manitobans need to know when they own (or rent out, or let others borrow) a mobile home.

Too tire(d) to read today’s post? Speed through the blog and get a quote today!

Standard Insurance For Mobile Homes In Manitoba

If you have a mobile home in Manitoba, you’re required to have, at a minimum, fire insurance for your mobile home—but you can of course add on more coverage than that. Additional coverage options vary depending on your personal needs.

Optional Coverages For Mobile Homes

Additional coverage options will vary between insurance companies, but some examples include:

  • Reduced glass deductible
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Overland water coverage

We recommend discussing the add-on options available to you with your Insurance Consultant to get a better idea of what you and your family need specifically.

Insuring An Older Mobile Home

It’s important to know that if you’re insuring an older mobile home— something 30 years old or older—your coverage options are more limited. The only coverage that’s readily available is fire coverage, and extended coverage for your belongings, like a tenant’s or renter’s insurance policy.

How Does Homeowners Insurance Differ From Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance protects your mobile home in a similar way a typical homeowner policy does. The biggest difference between the two is that homeowners insurance is for your home, and mobile home insurance is for your mobile home. The two are similar in what they can protect and operate, but they cannot be interchanged.

A mobile home insurance policy provides coverage for:

  • The structure of the home (walls and roof).
  • Structures on the property that are separate from your home (such as a small shed).
  • Your belongings and personal property. This is true regardless of whether they are stolen or damaged while they are inside or outside your home.
  • Liability protection. This will protect you in case someone is hurt on your property and launches legal action against you.

You can also seek out additional coverage to cover fees associated with emergency removal and transportation coverage should you need to move your mobile home. Depending on where you are parked, how long you plan to stay, and how easily you can move if you have to will impact if this additional coverage makes sense for you.

How To Insure Your Mobile Home

If you’d like more specific information on pricing, speak with one of our Insurance Consultants and request a custom quote. To make the process as seamless as possible, we recommend having the following details ready when you chat with your Insurance Consultant:

  • The age of your mobile home
  • The location of your mobile home
  • Manufacturer and specifications
  • Any updates that have been made, including:
    • Type and age of roofing
    • Type and age of electrical
    • Type and age of plumbing
    • Type and age of heating

This way, we can get you the most accurate information, as soon as possible.

How Much Insurance Do People Typically Need For A Mobile Home?

Similar to a homeowner policy, when picking an insurance policy, you want to make sure you have enough coverage to cover the costs of the entire mobile home should anything happen. This includes detached structures as well as personal property.

Can I Let Other People Borrow My Trailer Or Mobile Home?

Yes, you can. But it may affect your insurance!

If you’re in a mobile home park, check with park administration to make sure they allow renters or non-owners to use your home. The answer will depend on the insurance they have and the insurance company’s rules and regulations. (Each company is different, and some won’t allow it.)

As always, if this is something you’re worried about or that will affect the purchase of your mobile home, it’s best to check with your Insurance Consultant! They’re always your best source for specific and detailed knowledge.

Letting Others Use Your Mobile Home? Here Are Some Considerations:

If you choose to allow people to rent or use your mobile home, you’ll need to inform your Insurance Consultant who will advise your insurance company. If the insurance company allows it, they’ll change your coverage to a “rented dwelling”.

Just note that doing this will change your rates and coverage!

Mobile Home Insurance FAQs

The cost of mobile home insurance varies a lot in most places, and Manitoba is no different. Typically, the average premium for mobile home insurance will range from $250 to $2,000 per year.


Prices will fluctuate depending on a few factors:


  • The specific area where you live
  • The age of your mobile home
  • The coverage limits you want to purchase

Yes, in Manitoba, you’re required to have, at a minimum, fire insurance for your mobile home if you are the owner. However, if you are just renting your mobile home –similar to a tenant’s insurance policy– you would only be required to cover the costs of insuring your own personal property if you so choose. (Although we HIGHLY recommend it.)

Yes. By adding Overland Water protection to your home insurance policy, your mobile home will have coverage for certain types of flooding. We recommend always speaking to your insurance company to learn what would not and would be covered.

Let’s Get Your Mobile Home Insured!

The best way to insure a mobile home in Manitoba is to discuss your options and get a quote. As Insurance Consultants, we represent you instead of the insurance companies, so we work to get you the coverage, the pricing, and the premiums that work best for your life. (We may be a little biased, but we recommend talking to one of us, at Winnipeg Insurance Brokers, in particular!)

You’ll provide us with some baseline information, and we’ll get to work on your behalf to source the best possible quote. You’ll have the chance to review and ask questions, and of course, you always make all the final decisions.