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How To Insure a Snowmobile in Manitoba

Five snowmobiles with family members riding them drive down a snowy prairie trail in a row.
January 13, 2021

Updated: February 11, 2022


Snowmobiling is a winter activity the whole family can enjoy — and we live in the perfect province for it — as long as expensive accidents and dangerous incidents don’t get in the way. We’re helping you make sure that snowmobiling is all fun and games this season by sharing everything you need to know about when, why, and how to insure a snowmobile in Manitoba!

Why Drivers Need Snowmobile Insurance in Manitoba

There are two main reasons to insure your snowmobile: collisions and personal injuries.

1. Collisions

Snowmobile collisions are more common than you might think. Having sufficient insurance in the event of a collision minimizes the financial risks and the potential liabilities you and your family may face.

2. Personal Injuries

In Manitoba, if you get in a car accident — even if you are at fault — your own injury-related health care costs are covered by the Personal Injury Protection Plan (PPIP). Unfortunately, the same is not true for snowmobiles.


The PIPP only covers snowmobile riders in one situation: if the snowmobile collides with a moving car. So, if you cause a snowmobile-on-snowmobile collision, your healthcare costs may not be fully covered. Thankfully, when you purchase snowmobile insurance, you can add Accident Benefits to cover any injuries sustained during a snowmobile collision. (More on this below!)

How Snowmobile Insurance Works in Manitoba

In Manitoba, standard snowmobile registration covers one license plate and $500,000 in third-party liability. If you need or want more than basic coverage, you can choose to increase that limit to either $1 million, $2 million or $5 million. You can also decide to purchase coverage add-ons, like:

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage insures your snowmobile against any physical damage that happens as a result of something other than a collision, like fire, theft, vandalism, or hail. With this coverage, you have a choice between either a $200 or $500 deductible.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage insures your vehicle against collision-related damage. Just like with comprehensive coverage, you’ll have a choice between either a $200 or $500 deductible.

Accident Benefits

If you or a passenger is injured in a snowmobile collision, Accident Benefits will cover the costs associated with medical treatments, rehabilitation, and any resulting disability, regardless of who is at fault.

Annual Snopass

Purchasing an annual Snopass gives you permission to use any and all groomed trails in Manitoba. If an annual Snopass is more coverage than you need, customize your insurance with either a 7-day local permit or a short-term, out-of-province permit.

The Cost of Snowmobile Insurance in Manitoba

Snowmobile insurance costs vary based on several factors. The driving history of the person the snowmobile is registered to and the age of the snowmobile itself can both affect the rates you pay. If you’re looking for a general range, the best thing to do is to request an online quote.

If you’re looking to save on the cost of snowmobile insurance, you can shop around between insurers. Just keep in mind that at a bare minimum, you’ll be required to carry your MPI registration and plate and Snopass (if you plan to ride on groomed Manitoba trails).

How to Insure a Snowmobile in Manitoba

To insure your snowmobile, get in touch with a local insurance office—like us! As long as you live in Manitoba, we can and would be happy to help! Request an online quote to start the process from home, or find our nearest branch.

What To Bring:

There are certain documents that you’ll need in order to secure your snowmobile insurance:

  • If your snowmobile is brand new, bring your bill of sale
  • If you want to purchase collision coverage without an inspection, bring proof that you picked up your snowmobile from the dealership in the last three days
  • If your snowmobile is older, but new to you, bring your bill of sale and a Transfer of Ownership document (TOD)

Purchasing insurance during summer?

We’ll defer your payments to December 1st, when snowmobiling season begins!

Snowmobile Insurance FAQs

Usually, “regular” insurance refers to the basic plate and registration certificate. In that case, no, unfortunately regular insurance is not enough to cover snowmobiles. However, you can add extra insurance to make sure you’re covered!

We recommend discussing the coverage options available to you with an Insurance Consultant. They’ll make sure that your policy is customized to meet your needs.

If you want to ride the groomed snoman trails in Manitoba then yes, you need to insure your snowmobile. When you purchase your pass, you’ll also be given an orange license plate which you’ll need to display, because it lets conservation officers easily identify you as a passholder.  You’ll also have a valid driver’s license if you ever plan to cross a Manitoba highway.

If you only ride on private property then no, you don’t need to insure or register your snowmobile.

Yes, Manitoba Public Insurance will cover any MB resident that has the owner’s permission to ride their snowmobile. Passengers just have to be the legal age permitted to ride the machine and carry a valid driver’s license (if they’re crossing a highway).

They’re also covered if your snowmobile is made to carry a passenger, and the passenger is underage.

Get a Snowmobile Insurance Quote!

Ready to hit the trails? Request a quote online and we’ll have you covered and on your way in no time.