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The Ultimate Guide to Tenant’s Insurance in Manitoba

March 18, 2021


Your rented home or apartment houses your family, your belongings, and on occasion, your friends and guests. If something were to happen at your property, resulting in loss or injury, you could be held responsible or face major financial loss even though you don’t own it.


Thankfully, there’s tenant’s insurance. It protects you and your things so that in the event of a covered loss, you won’t have to foot a major bill. If you’re a Manitoban looking to protect your personal property while renting a home or apartment in Winnipeg or beyond, then tenant’s insurance is for you.

What is tenant's insurance?

Even though you don’t own your rental, you still need to protect both yourself and your belongings while you live in it. Tenant’s insurance protects the contents of your apartment or other rental property against common forms of loss, like fire, burglary, and liability claims. It ensures that, if something were to happen in your rental, you — and your belongings — would be protected and covered.

Tenant’s insurance protects you in the event of:

  • Accidental damage to the property you’re renting
  • Any unintentional bodily injury to others that occurs at your rental
  • Damage or theft to your belongings worldwide
  • Any damage you inadvertently cause to your building or to surrounding units
  • The cost of alternative living arrangements if you can’t live in your rental because of a claim

What’s the difference between renter’s and tenant’s insurance?

No, there’s no difference. Renter’s insurance and tenant’s insurance refer to the same thing.

What does tenant's insurance cover?

Tenant’s insurance includes Contents Coverage, Personal Liability Coverage, and funding for additional living expenses.

Contents Coverage: Use the funds from your Contents Coverage to replace your stuff if it gets damaged or stolen. (Note: Contents Coverage is subject to your policy deductible.)

Personal Liability Coverage: If you were negligent and that negligence resulted in losses for yourself or others in your unit or building, Personal Liability Coverage would protect you against any lawsuits filed. You can secure Personal Liability Coverage up to $1 Million or $2 Million.

Additional Living Expenses: Coverage for Additional Living Expenses gives you access to funds that you can use if you’re unable to stay in your rental property due to an insured loss, like a fire.

How much is tenant's insurance in Winnipeg and across Manitoba?

You can purchase tenant’s insurance in Manitoba for as little as $15/month, depending on your policy limits.

If you’re considering purchasing tenant’s insurance in Manitoba and not sure how much coverage you’ll need, consider the following:

Your Content Limit

The content limit you choose is the maximum financial support you would receive if your property were to be damaged or stolen. Do not sell yourself short on this! Pick a limit that will help you recover financially, and get you back to the same situation you were in at the time of loss.

We see far too many people underinsure themselves on this. Take our advice: get the coverage you truly need. It will be well worth it!

Sewer Backup

Opt for sewer backup coverage to protect yourself against any sewer backup losses. With sewer issues, in particular, remember that damage could easily occur to neighbouring suites. Without the right insurance, you could be deemed financially responsible for making any repairs.


Be sure to pick a deductible amount that’s well-suited to your needs. A range of deductibles is available, from $500 to $1000 or even higher. Take the time to consider your financial situation, and choose the deductible that works best for you. If you’re unsure, talking to an Insurance Consultant is a great option!

Special Limits

If you keep certain specific high-value items in your rented property — things like jewelry and tools — make sure to schedule them onto your policy with special limits, to ensure that you have adequate coverage so that you’ll receive the right funding to replace them post-loss.

Should Manitobans get tenant's insurance?

Yes! As a Winnipegger or Manitoban who rents, you should always secure tenant’s insurance, for two major reasons:

  1. To protect the things you love and value. Remember, anything lost will need to be replaced. Furniture, tech, clothing, jewelry… the costs add up quickly. This can cause a major financial burden. Tenant’s insurance can lessen the financial impact by helping you cover some of those costs.

  2. To comply with lease terms. Many leases require renters to have tenant’s insurance. In cases like these, failing to secure coverage could result in your lease being terminated.

What are the risks of not having tenant's insurance?

Without tenant’s insurance, if you were to accidentally or inadvertently cause damage to your rented property, or if someone got hurt in your unit, you could face:

  • Lawsuits (if there was any negligence on your part)
  • Lease termination (if tenant’s insurance is a requirement)
  • Major financial loss (if you’re found to be at fault or responsible)

Considering that tenant’s insurance is so affordable and easy to secure, there’s really no reason to leave yourself open to these significant risks!

Scared of what other coverage you may be missing that may leave you open for major financial losses, or worse, lawsuits? Check out our Young Adult Resource page.

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of different insurance policies that will help you maximize your coverage and financial potential. Getting started now means you could save by taking advantage of lower premiums and better coverage. 

How to get tenant's insurance in Manitoba

If you’re renting, tenant’s insurance is a no-brainer. Plus, securing your coverage is easier than ever before! Simply head over to our website and purchase your insurance policy online.

No more playing phone tag or waiting in line. So say hello to the security and financial comfort tenants’ insurance can offer, and goodbye to long insurance quote processes.