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What Is Service Line Coverage, And Is It Worth It For Manitobans?

August 3, 2021
Updated: April 19, 2023


As homeowners, we know we’re responsible for our homes, our yards, our garages…All the things we can clearly see! But did you know that you’re also responsible for all the underground service lines running below your property? It’s true! But many homeowners don’t know it.

You may have heard of Service Line Coverage but still aren’t quite sure what it is and whether it’s worth it for you, as a Manitoban.

Service line coverage helps you cover the costs associated with fixing or replacing a line that connects your home to the outside world. As repairing or replacing these lines can be very expensive, we always recommend service line coverage to our friends, family, and clients!

Our mission with this post: Unearth the hidden truths about above- and underground service lines! We’re answering service line-related FAQs like, what is service line coverage? How much does it cost? And what actually counts as a service line? Plus, we’re doing our best to give you all the information you need to get your Manitoba home—and services lines—properly covered!

Rather ask your burning questions to an insurance consultant instead of reading this post. Contact us today! We’re here to give you the 4-1-1 on service line coverage.

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What Counts As A Service Line?

First and foremost, you need to know that the service lines you’re responsible for include the water lines, sewer lines, powerlines, utility lines and communication lines that run through, across, and under your property.

How Do Service Lines Get Damaged In Manitoba?

There are many ways that service lines get damaged in Manitoba. Your water pipe could crack or rupture from freezing temperatures. Your power line could be severed from a tree falling. Lines could become blocked for a number of reasons. And our big prairie storms could cause just about any type of damage to any type of line!

And even if only one of these lines is damaged suddenly, it’s important to know that you will be responsible for the costs to repair and/or replace them all. (This is why it’s so important to consider adding service line coverage to your home insurance policy!)

What Happens If A Service Line Breaks On My Property?

Service line breaks, leaks, tears, ruptures, and collapses have two major negative effects on homeowners:

  1. Expensive out-of-pocket repairs
  2. Potentially major service disruptions

That means that, depending upon the type and extent of the damage to your service lines, the financial costs associated with repairing or replacing them could be moderate to very high. And, that there would be at least some disruption to your services as you have the lines on your property repaired or replaced

Can I Get Service Line Warranties In Manitoba?

Unfortunately, no, there are no warranties on service lines in Manitoba. It’s up to you, the homeowner, to purchase the service line coverage you need to have lines repaired or replaced should they ever become damaged or broken.

What Is Service Line Coverage?

Service line coverage is a type of insurance designed to help you cover the costs associated with damage to your service lines. Because as we said before,

You are liable for the ground under your property!

Most service line insurance covers:

  • Damaged Lines (Including the costs to repair underground lines)
  • Excavation (The cost of digging up hard-to-reach lines)
  • Temporary Repairs (Costs associated with speeding up the repair process)
  • Outdoor Property (Costs associated with cleanup following repairs)
  • Extra expenses (Costs that result from displacement or loss of use from a service line)

But, it’s important to note that not every insurance company offers the same coverage for service lines, so there may be some variations in the policy options available to you. We recommend you speak to an Insurance Consultant to learn about the specific coverage that’s available to you.

Does Service Line Coverage Change Depending On The Property I Have?

As long as you own the land your property is on, the need to get this form of protection doesn’t change.

Service line coverage is necessary for all homeowners, regardless of property size. Although, those who own more property have more ground to cover and more lines to consider. So a line breaking is even more likely and expensive.

What Does Service Line Insurance Not Cover?​

Every insurance company has different wordings and exclusions worked into their coverage, so it’s important to read and understand what specifically is covered, or not covered, by yours.

Some potential items not covered could include:

  • Water well-related damage;
  • Fuel tanks;
  • Piping or wiring that isn’t connected and ready for use;
  • Septic systems; and
  • Wiring or piping that runs through a body of water.

Does Service Line Coverage Fall Under Home Or Utility Insurance?

Service Line coverage is extra coverage you can purchase and add-on to your home insurance policy. It’s not automatically included—so be sure to ask your Insurance Consultant to add this important, affordable coverage to your homeowner’s plan!

So, Is Service Line Coverage Worth It?

Yes, Service Line Coverage is absolutely worth it! We think all homeowners should get service line coverage to protect themselves and the lines running below their property.

Damage to service lines is often beyond our control and addressing it can be very expensive. Not having this coverage in place could cost you a lot of money and leave your home without essential services for days or weeks at a time. With SLC coverage, you give yourself the peace of mind knowing that if something should happen to your service lines, you have protection—and financial support.

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