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Making a claim.

When accidents happen, we are here for you.

While it’s fresh in your mind, it’s a great idea to write down as much detailed information as you can about the claims situation so you don’t forget important details along the way.

Step-by-step of making your claim

To make your claim process quicker, it helps to have your policy number, the date of the occurrence and the details of the incident on hand before submitting a claim.

Want to make a claim? Here’s what you need to do:



Contact us

Reach us by phone or email and provide us with the details. We’ll talk about your best course of action and give you any information you might need to know.



Reach out to the insurance company

Talk with the claims experts at your insurance company to get your claims process started.

Don’t know who to call? Find that information here:

24 Hour Emergency Service
Onside Restoration
204-661-0204 or visit

Vehicle Damage
Manitoba Public Insurance

Vehicle Damage/Replacement
Optiom Insurance

Home or Business Damage/Loss
CUMIS for Assiniboine Credit Union Group Program
1-800-263-9120 (24 hours)

Intact Insurance

Optimum Insurance

Portage Mutual Insurance

Red River Mutual Insurance

Wawanesa Insurance

Travel Claims
Manitoba Blue Cross
1-866-601-2583 Canada and USA
1-204-775-2583 Other Countries call collect

Travel Underwriters
1-800-663-0399 Canada and USA

Other Countries call collect

Making a claim F.A.Q

Contact our office before making a claim. Together, we can review your situation and your policy information and talk about what your best course of action is.

All your coverage details are in the insurance policy documents you received when you first got your policy. If you can’t find your documents, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to provide you with a copy.

The claims examiner from your insurance company will provide you with a complete list of all the information they need to adjudicate your claim.

Getting an answer on your claim can take from a week to a few months,  depending on the nature of the claim, the information provided, and any other information the insurance company needs to make a decision. Everyone wants a claim determination to happen as quickly as possible, and it helps to get the all the information over to the claims examiner as soon as you can.