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So much of your business is run digitally, and as convenient as that is, it comes with a few inherent risks.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Whether you need to protect your payroll information, your intellectual property, or anything in between, the right insurance is critical.

The problem? Technology moves quickly, and until now, the insurance industry has struggled to keep up. Traditional policies have significant gaps when it comes to cyber exposure, and they can leave you high and dry when you need them most.

Our Cyber Liability Policies give you the peace of mind you need to take full advantage of the digital systems that make business easier.

Cyber Liability Insurance addresses first-party and third-party exposures associated with websites, computer networks, and information assets.

Basic Cyber Liability Insurance covers:

Privacy issues, including breaches of personally identifiable information as well as personal health information

Corporate confidential information

Virus transmission

Data loss

Cyber extortion

Security failure

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